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🕯️✨ Tuesdays with Elias: Episode 1 - Exploration & Play

Embark on a journey of joy and discovery with me, Elias, as we kick off "Tuesdays with Elias"! 🎉 Episode 1 is all about exploration and play, and what better way to dive into the world of whimsy than by learning how to make candles? 🕯️💫

Join me in embracing the thrill of trying something new, cultivating a playful spirit, and simply having a blast with a fresh hobby. Let's infuse creativity into every moment and find joy in the art of candle making. 🔥🌈

Inspired by Kulli Parfum

Dive into the exquisite world of Kulli Parfum with our inspired candle that captures the essence of luxury and warmth. 🕯️ Infused with enchanting notes of vanilla, luxurious Gardenia, exotic ylang-ylang, and grounding red cedarwood, this candle is a sensory experience that elevates your space to a new level of indulgence.

Whether you're a seasoned candle connoisseur or a first-time crafter, this episode is a celebration of lighthearted exploration and the pure delight of trying something different. 🌟
So, grab your sense of curiosity, bring your playful vibes, and let's make candles together! Get ready for laughter, learning, and the magic that comes with simply having fun. 🎨✨

I hope you find this video fun, if you're looking for more content like this make sure to like and follow. I will be releasing a new video every Tuesday about learning something new or playing with a friend! see you next time

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